Bio - CNG

Bio - CNG

Natural Gas is a clean and safe energy source with a variety of commercial applications, including electricity generation, heating, and fuelling transport. Biomethane differs from fossil-derived CNG/LNG as it is emitted from the decomposition of food and animal waste, collected in an anaerobic digester and then injected into the grid. By using (bio)methane to power a gas vehicle the harmful effects of waste gases are significantly reduced, as only carbon dioxide and water remain after combustion.

Bio-CNG, also known as Compressed Biomethane, is the holy grail of natural gas fuel. Substantial emissions can be saved at very little extra cost to CNG. We can provide access to 100% biomethane sourced from food waste, independently verified and approved under the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation. Fleets can report these GHG emissions savings, as can the the UK towards meeting emissions targets.

Uses of Bio-CNG

Inustry / Business

Businesses located off major energy infrastructure can save emissions and costs. Instead of using diesel or distillate fuels, CNG is delivered to the facility via CNG trailers, with no disruption or additional ongoing challenges. Just cheaper, cleaner fuel.


Bio-CNG is a cheaper, cleaner and quieter way to run an HGV fleet than conventional diesel. Vehicles can run solely on gas (dedicated), or on both diesel and gas (dual-fuel). New engines can provide ranges greater than 500km, with very low efficiency loss compared to diesel.