CSR Projects

CSR Projects

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is now an integral part of most Indian businesses. Ever since the Corporate Social Responsibility Act came into effect in April 2014, companies with a net worth of Rs 500 Crore or more are mandated to give 2% of their net profits to charity, or CSR programmes as they are called.

Ecorich Sustainable Solutions LLP is engaged with implementing CSR initiatives undertaken by corporate organizations and takes the responsibility to make it a self-sustainable project.

At present ESSL has set up 5 waste to energy projects under a CSR initiative. ESSL is also an operating partner for all the projects to ensure the optimum resource utilization and maximum impact on the environment and society as well.

How do we do it?

Corporates which are looking forward to undertake their CSR initiative in waste management and Environmental Sustainability, Ecorich Sustainable Solutions LLP is the name for it. Ecorich Sustainable Solutions LLP is specialized in solid waste management. We set up processing/recycling units for all sorts of waste enlisted viz.

  • Bio-CNG Plant (Wet Organic Waste)
  • Biogas to Power generation plant (Wet Organic Waste)
  • Biomass Briquette Plant (Tree cutting/Garden Waste)
  • Biomass Briquette Plant (Tree cutting/Garden Waste)
  • Plastic Pyrolysis Plant (Non-reusable plastic)
  • Coconut Shell processing unit

In CSR projects, the scope of ESSL is not limited to setting up the processing plants only. ESSL can also play a role of an operating partner for the projects set up and make sure the initiative leaves its desired impact through a self-sustainable model. This facilitates the companies invest without any risk of project stagnation or failure.